Place: Lake District

As showcased in flowing and descriptive prose of D. Wordsworth’s journals, the Lake District of England, including the township of Grasmere, is a picturesque locale. The following contextual material draws on various resources and types of media to provide a visual understanding of the beauty of D. Wordsworth’s surroundings.


“Grasmere” (included as a frontispiece in the 1789 publication of A guide to the lakes, in Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lancashire by Thomas West)

Dove Cottage

“Dove Cottage, 1805” (home of D. Wordsworth while she lived in Grasmere)

Derwent Water

“Derwent Water” (included as a frontispiece in the 1850 publication of Loiterings among the lakes of Cumberland and Westmoreland by Old Humphrey)


“Grasmere from Loughrigg” (included as a plate in the 1859 publication of Lake scenery of England by James Barker Pyne)


“Wordworth’s house – Rydal Mount; Graves of Wordsworth and Coleridge” (included as a plate in the 1874 publication of The English lakes in the neighbourhood of Ambleside by T. Nelson)


Scenic Video of the Lake District (2010)