Annotations for “Letter From Grimalkin to Selima”

  1. Sense of smell
  2. Common names for maids
  3. Fine china from Dresden, Germany
  4. A British delicacy of cream mixed with wine or cider and flavoured with sugar
  5. Concert on the rooftop
  6. Position: in an office or household
  7. Infanticide was a particularly controversial phenomenon for women
  8. John Locke’s Same Thoughts Concerning Educations (1693)
  9. Maria Edgeworth’s Practical Education (1798)
  10. Elizabeth Hamilton’s Letters on the Elementary Principles of Education (1802)
  11. The principle laws of association are contiguity, repetition, attention, pleasure-pain, and similarity. The basic laws were formulated by Aristotle. Philosophy taught that the mind at birth is a blank slate and that all knowledge has to be acquired by learning. This was considered the best current theory of psychological function during Barbauld’s time period and one to which she personally subscribed
  12. Definition: to think deeply on something, to meditate or reflect
  13. “The present Irish cry, or howl, cannot boast of such melody, nor is the funeral procession conducted with much dignity.  The crow of people … at these funerals sometimes amounts to a thousand … They gather as the bearers of the hearse proceed on their way, and when they pass through any village … they begin to cry – Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Agh! Agh! raising their notes … in a kind of mournful howl” (Edgeworth, Castle Rackrent (1800) p.125)
  14. Parody of Sarah Pennington’s An Unfortunate Mother’s Advice to Her Absent Daughters