Annotations for “The History of England”

  1. Jane Austen
  2. Technically, Pontefract Castle located in West Yorkshire, England
  3. Playwright William Shakespeare, author of famous dramas including “Romeo & Juliet”, “Macbeth”, and “Hamlet”
  4. One of the major battles in the Hundred Years War. Occurred on October 25, 1415 and was a momentous English victory
  5. French folk heroine and saint who, under divine inspiration, led the French army to many victories during the Hundred Years War
  6. Last significant battle in the War of the Roses. Occurred on August 22, 1485 and was a decisive Lancastrian victory
  7. Monastery located in Hampshire, England
  8. Second wife of Henry VIII and mother of future Queen Elizabeth I. She was beheaded at the Tower of London under Henry’s orders on May 19, 1536
  9. Royal abode located just outside of Northamptonshire, England
  10. Also, charade: a pretence or fake act
  11. English Civil War lasting from 1642-1651. Resulted in the beheading on Charles I
  12. Reference to the House of Stuart, the royal house of England at the time
  13. The French word equivalent of “the end”
  14. This date would make Jane Austen 15 years old